The key to successful trading

is cooperation with the market leader


The key to successful trading is cooperation with the market leader RevolutionFX

With our team you can start trading and make a profit now! Despite all the difficulties of trading!

We will teach you the basics of risk management, various ways of analyzing markets and provide overviews of the most popular trading strategies.


99.35% of all trade orders are executed in less than one second


All customer accounts are protected in trusted international bank accounts


Withdrawal of funds is carried out as soon as possible at the request of the client


Over 150 free tools for trading on indices, products, stocks and currencies


Access to the most liquid and global global markets, Forex, stocks, products, etc


A team of professionals who speak your native language is always in touch to support you

Choose the right type of trade!

There are several ways to trade and use equity in the market. Often, beginners are faced with the question of what type of trade to choose: daily, short-term or long-term? Your choice will depend on the time and effort that you are willing to devote to trading.

Day traders only trade during the day and do not take any active positions during the night. Such trading can be difficult for beginners due to unstable intraday movements, and especially for those who decide to trade such without any prior experience and proper technical analysis methods.

Short-term traders hold trading positions from several days to 2-3 weeks. Such traders are usually aimed at obtaining small or moderate profits, and initiate a large number of transactions for a certain period. If you are a beginner, it is always useful to try your hand at short-term trading first.

Long-term traders hold positions for at least six months. This trading method has several advantages. With a long-term investment, it is possible to reinvest your dividends over time, which will allow you to get even more profit.

Our customers gain access to the most effective trading tools

Trading tools allow traders to fully use all the opportunities of financial markets. Equally transparent and fair trading instruments are provided to all clients, regardless of the size of their capital, investment amount or type of account.

Quick and profitable start of trading!

How to start trading?

  • You need to have an account with our brokerage company
  • It is important to understand market mechanisms
  • Choose a trading account and fund it
  • Keep a transaction log and study the results of their work
  • Do not give in to emotions and do not deviate from the chosen strategy

To gain experience already during training, it is best to open a demo account – this is how you can safely learn the trading mechanism using virtual money.

Trading strategies

Productive trading requires a deep understanding of the markets and various short-term profit strategies. To do this, traders use many trading strategies, such as:


Such traders try to make many small profits from small price changes throughout the day.

Range trading

In this strategy, traders mainly use support and resistance levels to determine their buying and selling opportunities.

News-based trading

A strategy that usually captures trading opportunities due to increased volatility around news events

High-frequency trading (HFT)

HFT uses sophisticated algorithms to exploit small or short-term market inefficiencies

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