EU Economic Partnership Agreement with the UK

On Monday, EU coordinator Michel Barnier presented in Brussels presented in UK three main sections of the new partnership that the EU should agree with London by the end of 2020.

Future Plans with the UK

EU Coordinator Branier, claims that his team is ready to make the central pillar of the partnership out of a trade agreement in the absence of tariff barriers and quotas for all goods entering the single market with 450 million people.

According to the coordinator, the future of the EU and the UK is affected by the economic partnership, the partnership on security issues, the institutional framework, the management of partnerships and future relations between the parties.

EU-UK Cooperation

The EU chief negotiator explained the second section of the approach to future relations with the UK. The fight against terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime require close cooperation between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the medium- and long-term perspective.
Section Three of the New Partnership

The third fundamental section is “governance.” The economic partnership between the EU and the UK needs a solid framework to guarantee its implementation, viability and its implementation by both parties. In addition to the dialogue mechanism and political consultations, they need tools with an effective mechanism for resolving disagreements and implementing decisions, as stated the main coordinator of the EU.

Coordination of Cooperation Between the Parties

The EU and Great Britain need to coordinate cooperation on the issues of foreign policy and defence. Since Great Britain has left the EU, the parties need new mechanisms for consultations and information exchange on these issues.